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About Travis

When Travis Cundy isn’t geeking out over Star Wars, Legos, or Star Wars Legos he’s pursuing his down-to-Earth passion for interactive advertising.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Travis began his career in sales and advertising in the Rochester automotive industry. Moving quickly from automotive sales to local and regional marketing including planning, buying, and graphic design Travis developed relationships with hundreds of clients, large and small, helping them grow and thrive in the digital world.

After a 7-year stint with Gannett at the Democrat and Chronicle Travis become the first leader of the 191 Interactive branch of The 191 Group. Google Certification and extensive training and experience in and access to all forms of Interactive advertising gives him the knowledge and ability to create the right targeted online campaign without having to tap into The Force. With a knack for taking complicated concepts and explaining them in a way people can actually understand, Travis can help you generate a custom online advertising solution that’s out of this world.

Get to Know Travis

I’m…     a self-professed nerd about technology, real and imagined
I have…     my wife, my son, my extended family, my friends, my coworkers, and a the best career I could ask for!
I have always…     been the guy that tries to take charge of every situation, whether or not I should be
I consider myself…     a lucky man to be living where and when I am
The animal I most relate to is…     a cat (even though I don’t especially like them.) I can be clever, calculating, and occasionally purr when I’m curled up taking a nap
My superpower(s) is (are)…     my ability to distill complex concepts down to easily relatable everyday experiences
My guilty pleasure…     continuing to play with my son’s Legos long after he has gone to bed
I drink…     iced coffee, even on winter days
I prefer…     reading Calvin & Hobbes with my 7-year old. There are fantastic life lessons in those cartoon pages
I have never…     been to Disney and hope I can get there before I’m too old and fragile to ride all the fun stuff
I’m inspired by…     visions of a future where technology and society have evolved to the point that self-improvement is the primary motivator
I lose…     at Mario Kart with a 6-year old more frequently than I would like to admit
My advice…     is really my father’s advice: Try your hardest, do your best, and you’ll always be proud of what you have accomplished