Terry Owen, Local Sales Manager

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Terry’s Stats

Needs Sleep
Likes Sleep
Loves TV

About Terry

Terry Owen grew up in Rochester, went to SUNY Geneseo and started in media his freshman year doing air shifts on local radio stations on weekends. As a heavy media consumer (radio and TV) he loved being involved in making it work. At twenty two years old Terry was managing a small radio station in Springville NY, and then managed two stations in Olean NY. Next, Terry was an Account Executive at WCMF FM and as the radio industry consolidated he became General Sales Manager, then VP/General Manager for what eventually became CBS Radio here in Rochester.
In 2000 Terry jumped out of media and into technology as President of Logicalsolutions.net. After running that company for 10 years he went to ITX Corp as a Senior Vice President for 3 years.

Then in 2014, after doing some branding consulting, the media world he loved seemed like a good next chapter for him. In June of that year Terry became the Local Sales Manager of WHEC and MeTV.

Terry also owns the Scotland Yard Pub with his wife Nancy and is a strong advocate for downtown Rochester. With 3 adult children, a full time gig and owning a restaurant, he still has time to consume media every chance he gets. Mostly TV these days though.

Get to Know Terry

I’m…     a media junkie, written word, spoken word and anything visual
I have…     good old friends, good new friends, and the baddest girl in the world
I have always…     made my own luck
I consider myself…     highly and often
The animal I most relate to is…     Klingons
My guilty pleasure…     The Apprentice
I drink…     tea
I prefer…     staying at home on my computer, the fireplace and the TV for background noise
I have never…     tried sky-diving or bungee jumping (although I would love to)
I’m inspired by…     DIY projects – repurposing old items
I lose…     way too much sleep
My advice…     don’t be anxious or worry about anything, but in every situation, pray and thank God.