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Sarah Tomlin is a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelors in New Media Design. Although she specializes in motion graphics, she also has a wide variety of experience with many different forms of design such as 3d, UI/UX, visual design, graphic design, web, video, and much more. She’s enthusiastic, hard working and quick to learn.

While in school, Sarah worked various freelance and part time jobs doing design. Her most recent was at a local media agency here in Rochester. She has accumulated various amounts of experience from all these different opportunities.

Along with all her design experience, Sarah has also spent some of her free time traveling. In 2013, she made a 5 week trip to China where she taught English as a second language to a class of 12 year old students…and she doesn’t even speak chinese.

Get to Know Sarah

I’m…     a passionate dreamer, visionary, thinker, planner and explorer.
I have…     my family, my friends, my husband, my faith, and a great job!
I have always…     been strong-willed and had high expectations for myself
I consider myself…     An introvert although most people can’t tell
The animal I most relate to is…     a monkey
My superpower(s) is (are)…     my drive and my loyalty
My guilty pleasure…     driving to Taco Bell at 1am for a chicken quesadilla with my brother
I drink…     tea
I prefer…     staying at home on my computer, the fireplace and the TV for background noise
I have never…     tried sky-diving or bungee jumping (although I would love to)
I’m inspired by…     DIY projects – repurposing old items
I lose…     way too much sleep
My advice…     don’t be anxious or worry about anything, but in every situation, pray and thank God