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Natasha started her broadcasting career at 16 years old. She was the “Warm Fuzzy” mascot at Warm 101.3fm! She has television, radio and digital expertise so she can show clients how to reallocate their marketing funds to be more efficient and reach more people! She has many small and large clients that know that she is always available and cares about the success of their business.

Get to Know Natasha

I’m…     a go getter who is always early!
I have…     a husband and three cats!
I have always…     been impatient.
I consider myself…     a split personality. I am an extrovert during the day and an introvert at night
The animal I most relate to is…     a human
My superpower(s) is (are)…     to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time with a high attention to detail
My guilty pleasure…     cheap vodka
I drink…     tea, cheap vodka, boxed wine on ice. Classy!
I prefer…     reality tv!
I have never…     seen myself on the Price is Right. I was ON the Price is Right, but there was a power outage the day that it was to air. So I never go to see myself on my favorite game show!
I’m inspired by…     my husband. He is a marketing genius. He always has great marketing ideas that I should really have thought about, but sometimes I’m “too close” to what I do. He’s a great sounding board and helps me look at things from a different perspective
I lose…     sleep. Maybe I could pray to St. Anthony to help me find it!
My advice…     persistence and punctuality are the keys to success!