A 360º Advertising Solution




Whether it’s traditional banners, one of our larger or interactive offerings or taking over a whole
page, with over 5,000,000 monthly pageviews and 800,000 unique users, WHEC.com has the power to increase the reach and frequency of your message!

  • All Paid Directly Purchased Web Banners Serve Above the Fold!
  • Standard Banners (728×90, 300×250)
  • Premium Banners (970×90, 300×600, 300×1050)
  • In-Banner Video
  • Pre-roll Video
  • Native Advertising
  • Rich Media (Sliding Billboards, Corner Peels, In-Banner Twitter Feed
  • Page Sponsorships and Takeovers
  • Weather Widget/Navigation Logo Tiles

  • Mobile Advertising


    News10NBC Mobile App

    With traditional banner and full-screen advertising or the cutting-edge Headline Native Advertising, the News10NBC Mobile App is the place to advertise where Rochester gets their news on the go!

  • Banners
  • Full-Screen App Open
  • Native Advertising

  • The People have Spoken!

         Awesome app!    

         Complete and easy to navigate     

         I’m always on the go but I can still get my news     

         Updated, informative     

    Facebook Contesting


    Facebook Contesting

    Social media. Everyone is on it, but who really knows how to use it? 191 Interactive does!

    Go viral with the power of News10NBC’s Facebook and News audience to engage your customers like never before!

  • Facebook Contests to 144,000+ fans
  • Premium Facebook Contests with In-News Promotion
  • Sponsored Facebook posts to reach a broad targeted audience

  • Local and Programmatic Ad Delivery


    Geo Fencing

    Geo Fencing is the term used to describe limiting the delivery of an ad to all people within a certain area or areas, whether that is as large as a country or a radius of only a few feet around a location.

    Geo Targeting

    Geo Targeting occurs when additional targeting parameters are added to a geo fence such as specific behaviors and demographics.

    Programmatic Display and Video Ad Delivery


    Programmatic Display and Video Ad Delivery

    Your website is your digital storefront, and driving traffic there has become as important as customers walking through your door. Using custom targeted outreach, you can increase traffic to your site!

    Programmatic Video Ad Delivery


    Programmatic Video Ad Delivery

    Are you proud of your television commercial? Would you like to see it served to targeted national websites in the geographic areas of your choice? 191 interactive can play your commercial before video content across thousands of national websites!

  • Up to :30 video runs before content
  • Geo- and category-targeted national websites
  • Optimized for click-through rate and play completion
  • Videos run on Web and Mobile platforms

  • Retargeting = Frequency


    Retargeting = Frequency

    Did you know that 98% of web visitors don’t take an action on their first visit? So, while driving new traffic to your site is an important first step, it isn’t the last one. With retargeting, you can remind them of why they visited your site in the first place and entice them to come back and buy!

  • 92% of marketers report Retargeting performs equal to or better than Search advertising
  • 91% say Retargeting performs equal to or better than email
  • 92% say Retargeting performs equal to or better than other types of display advertising
  • 75% of those who take action visit a site at least 3 times and need to have viewed an ad 3 or more times!

  • IP Targeting


    IP Targeting

    Take your direct mail campaign to the next level by using your list to target display ads to individual households with increased frequency at a decreased cost!

  • target display ads to individual households with increased frequency at a decreased cost!
  • We can merge those individual IP address with the mailing lists in your customer database or a purchased mailing list to serve specific display ads to ONLY those households
  • Works without cookies and unlike cookies, IP addresses cannot be deleted or blocked
  • Eliminate waste, increase frequency and save money!

  • Mobile Conquesting


    Mobile Conquesting

    Using a combination of location-based and behavioral targeting, you can directly reach the mobile users you want while they are in their favorite apps!

  • Your ads are placed on over 15,000 premium mobile apps within your desired geo-fenced area
  • We offer dynamically updated ads that show the user the distance they are from your location or if you have multiple locations – the distance to the closest
  • Targeting down to 500 feet around your competitors’ locations
  • Expandable mobile banner ad formats are available
  • In addition to geo-fencing, we add layers of targeting categories matched to your customer profile

  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing


    Social Media Optimization & Marketing

    Maybe you have an SEO plan, maybe you have Social Media management, but how do they work together? We have a unique way of increasing your website’s SEO ranking by growing and leveraging your social media presence – and it’s easy!

  • Engage your business socially using a customized, proven strategy to grow your following across all relevant platforms
  • Continuously grow your following across all social networks actively and passively while simplifying the posting process
  • Increase the authority and search rankings of your website the right way – organically – so you are an easy to find resource for your best prospective clients

  • Custom Website Design


    Custom Website Design

    Do you need a website? Do you have one, but are unhappy with it? Are you stuck in a boring WordPress template? WHEC has access to a local team of web developers who will build you a custom site from the ground up at a rate comparable to a templated design!

    You might need a new website and/or provider if:

  • Your current provider is hard to contact
  • Your current provider does not meet deadlines
  • Require features that your current provider is not capable of providing
  • Your current website fails Google’s Speed test
  • You have a low conversion rate on your website
  • Lack of a mobile website
  • Your website is difficult to update
  • Your current website is template- based
  • Your mobile and desktop versions are two different websites
  • Your current website hinders SEO

  • Social News Feed & Retargeting


    Social News Feed & Retargeting

    Social media. Everyone is on it, but who really knows how to use it? 191 Interactive does! Embrace the power of news feed ads and insert your content into the stream of Facebook users!

  • News feed ads
  • Desktop right-hand column retargeting ad

  • But Wait, There’s More!

    Whether you are an experienced online business or new to the idea of web marketing,191 Interactive has the tools to help you refine your online presence and bring in new customers!

    Custom packages available on request for:

    SEO Services with Reputation Management NBCOlympics.com Digital Integration