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Chris Van Eps is a lifelong Rochester resident who has worked in television and video for over twenty years. His career started at the local PBS station where he honed his production skills, eventually working his way up to producing and directing there. While working at the local cable news channel, he self-taught himself non-linear editing which led him to where he is today.

Chris specializes in everything from scripting to shooting to final editing. He brings a unique perspective and positive approach to every project.

He lives in Rochester with his wife Katie and his daughter Charlotte. They are expecting another daughter in the Spring. When not at work Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Get to Know Chris

I’m…     lucky to have a wonderful, understanding and trusting wife… a beautiful 2 year old daughter and another little girl on the way. In other words I am WAY out numbered in our house! Can anyone say man cave?
I have…     a real passion for what we do here, only wanting to deliver the best for our clients. Customer service is #1. And I also have my original 70s and 80s Star Wars figures…I’m a real Nerdherder.
I have always…     been creative in some form or other and have been lucky enough to make that my job.
I consider myself…     someone who can quote from any episode of Seinfeld. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
The animal I most relate to is…     right now, a certain mouse who goes by the name of Mickey. 2 year olds love Mickey, so much that it makes Daddy a bit Goofy sometimes.
My superpower(s) is (are)…     being able to remember things from childhood that no one else can. My friends often say “Call Chris he’ll remember, he remembers everything!” But don’t ask me where my keys are right now.
My guilty pleasure…     binge watching COPS on television.
I drink…     the occasional tasty, micro-brewed beverage.
I prefer…     Craftsman Tools.
I have never…     received a speeding ticket. True story.
I’m inspired by…     my daughter, who amazes me everyday with such an innocent outlook on life.
I lose…     a lot of things at home… ask my wife, please.
My advice…     Take a chance, try something new… you may never have the opportunity again. And whatever you do, have fun!